League Partners

Classic Indycar series iRacing

Classic Indycar series iRacing

The Classic Indycar Series (CIS) enters its 7th year as an iRacing private league, with 2021 beginning a new era with our site – SIMRACE27 – now the official media partner for the series. A series that packs... Read More...
Lionheart series powered by Hyper X

Lionheart series powered by Hyper X iRacing

Lionheart series powered by Hyper X. Simrace247.com is proud to be a partner with the Lionheart Racing Series, a well established series that sees the premium modern day Indycar series and the relentless Lotus 79 races take place in iRacing. simrace247.com covering the media presentation of upcoming races, post race reports and much more.
CMS Community League

CMS Community Sim Racing League

For a whole host of sim racing titles, visit CMS sim racing community League. At CMS sim racing community league, we’ve been providing computer-based quality sim racing for our membership for over two decades.... Read More...