Mastercup Time Attack

The growth of the Mastercup is coming in sim racing. Noted for its grueling rally competition, the Mastercup is expanding with time attack challenge in your favorite games.

The popularity of the Mastercup rally has created the growth of its new feature coming in sim racing. Not only will the Mastercup be the epic rally event it is, but it will also be growing into time attacks in your favorite sim racing titles such as.

This is open to console and PC players to attend.

So what is the Mastercup Time Attack

The event will be over 14 days to complete your quickest and cleanest lap times, those who participate will be featured in our new Mastercup Time Attack section in our discord where they can stay up to date with the event.

The great thing about the new time attack is people will not need to be on track with others, or be available on a certain day etc.

Setups on the car are open (you can adjust etc) and assists like TCS, ABS are optional if you need them.

Users who take part will need to send a pic of their fastest lap which will be added to our leader board here in our discord

Selecting time attack/hotlap in game to race that scenario (time of day, temp, etc)

Note if the game does not have a pre set time trial section/hotlap etc we shall notify the conditions

To join the discord click the link here:

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