VideArt of rally – First Look – YouTube

Video: Art of Rally first look by Team VVV

Team VVV takes a look at Art of Rally, an old-school style rally arcade game which is delighting the sim community for its ode to a golden era of rallying and going against the grain of this era of hyper-realistic visuals and effects.

Formula 1 2020 game set for 10 July release

The Formula 1 2020 game broke cover this week as Codemasters released a trailer featuring this year's cars that have yet to be raced in anger ahead of the next edition of the popular racing game to be released on 10 July 2020.

iRacing go ‘Back to the Future’ with North Wilkesboro

iRacing have gone 'Back to the Future' with the release of the iconic North Wilkesboro Speedway as part of the upcoming NASCAR Legends series that will debut in June with the release of the 1987 Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Monte Carlo for 2020 Season 3.